Guidance, support and analysis based on my 40 years experience in the field.


A second opinion and consultation before important decisions.


Evaluate contractual, processing and development alternatives to get the best deal.


  • Business Development – Evaluation and Planning of Alternatives and Opportunities
  • Commercial Guidance on Midstream projects and Investments – Economic evaluation of the contracts for gathering, processing and marketing advising the value back to the Wellhead
  • Contract Review, Evaluation, Input, and Structure – analyze contract language and terms and recommended changes, evaluate the cost, negotiate changes with third parties, etc.
  • Negotiations of Contracts and Business Alternatives – base negotiations on industry standards and economics associated with proposal and recommendations
  • Economic Evaluations – run models to determine the cost of a contract or to compare alternatives and/or competing proposals
  • Gathering and Processing Alternatives – recommend best option and compare the cost of the alternatives as well as the value that the producer will receive from each
  • Acquisitions and Divestitures – assist/run evaluations, manage the process, help with the data room preparation or analysis of the material, etc.
  • Conceptual Facility Design and Engineering – provide input into system design from the wellhead through to the downstream delivery point, including pressure, gathering, treating, processing, compression, etc.
  • Operations – combine knowledge of experience, engineering, facilities, operations and contractual requirements to design and run a dependable low cost system
  • Marketing Guidance and Input on Gas, NGLs, Condensate and Crude – understanding the downstream markets, pricing and alternatives can be invaluable
  • Corporate Representative in Depositions and Trials – available to provide expert testimony