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I can provide help with my 40 years of experience in the Oil & Gas midstream field

The upstream, midstream and downstream sectors

Commercial & business development, contracts, negotiations, operations, acquisitions, divestitures, facility engineering and marketing

Professional input

Area development, contract, evaluations


Since 1993


I am available to assist you and your company in the Midstream Sector of our Oil and Gas Industry.  I am a Professional Engineer with over 40 years’ experience in this industry with the last 20 years directed to the midstream segment, focusing on commercial and business development.

You may be a producer that needs expertise to evaluate or negotiate a contract with a midstream company; or you may want to develop an area and need assistance or guidance on how you will handle your oil, gas, NGLs, water, CO2 and H2S; or you may want to get a second opinion or brainstorm your ideas with a third party whose input you can trust, or you may need some help evaluating a midstream acquisition.

Please see the other pages to learn more ABOUT me, what SERVICES I can provide, what AREAS and parts of the country I have worked and how to CONTACT me at Bowersock Midstream Expertise, LLC.

I have found, over the years that who I know combined with what I know can make things happen timely while adding significant value to any project and its related capital investment and that value and/or savings more than justify the cost of my services.

Bowersock Midstream Expertise

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Please give me a call so we can explore how I can assist you and help you and your company become even more successful.  I will be pleased to meet and/or talk with you!

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