Bruce Bowersock

Results oriented oil and gas professional engineer with vast experience in both the United States and Canada.  My expertise is a result of extensive exposure to the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors of the oil and gas (O&G) industry and is evident by my knowledge and understanding of the commercial, business development, contracts, negotiations, operations, acquisitions, divestitures, facility engineering, economics and marketing sectors of the O&G industry.

I excel in the midstream arena where I’ve spent the last 20 years honing my skills. I am a strong communicator, great teacher and team player.  I’ve been a corporate representative in industry hearings, numerous depositions and have testified in litigation related to royalty and business interruption insurance matters.


  • Professional Engineer in Texas, USA and Alberta, Canada
  • Started “Bowersock Midstream Expertise, LLC” a Texas LLC in April of 2017
  • Commercially justified the construction of 9 Gas Plants in Texas and 1 in Alberta
    • CynPem, Alberta - 30 MMCFD Deep Cut Refrigeration (UPRI)
    • Carthage, TX – 100 MMCFD George Grey Plant 4 Cryo (UPRC)
    • Brookeland, TX – two 50 MMCFD Cryos (UPRC)
    • Masterscreek, LA – two 100 MMCFD Cryos (UPRC)
    • Woodville, TX – two 30 MMCFD Cryos (Marlin for APC)
    • Bonesprings, TX – one 30 MMCFD Refrigeration & one 100 MMCFD Cryo (Regency for APC)
  • Key Participant in five major acquisitions and divestitures over $1 billion dollars
    • 1991 Divestiture of UPRI’s Canadian assets for approximately $1B
    • 1999 Divestiture of UP Fuels and UPRCs Gathering and Processing Assets $1.2B
    • 2006 Acquisition of Western Gas Resources for approximately $2B
    • 2007 Divestiture on numerous APC/KMOG Assets $15B
    • 2016 Divestiture of eight APC assets and related midstream assets for $1.5B
  • Continuously employed for 44 years
  • Married to my wife for 44 years with two sons, two daughter-in-law’s and six grandchildren